Information meeting on the European elections

With a view to the European elections on 9th of June 2024 and as part of the Babbelcafé, the Commission for Intercultural Living Together organised an information meeting at the Mamer Schlass on how to register on national electoral rolls as a non-Luxembourg European citizen.

The President of the Commission, Roland Trausch, gave the floor to a member of staff from the Centre d’étude et de formation interculturelles et sociales (CEFIS), who provided general information on the European Parliament and also explained all the procedures to be followed for registration.

The attention of Mayor Luc Feller, Alderman Ed Buchette, Alderwoman Francine Closener and the members of the local council present was particularly drawn to the statistics presented on the Commune of Mamer, where the registration rate rose from 12.6 per cent in 1999 to 19.3 per cent on 15 March 2024.

At 19.3 per cent, Mamer is currently above the national average of 13.4 per cent. Voter registration is still open until 15 April 2024.

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