Ground-breaking ceremony for SICA’s new resource centre

Construction of SICA’s new resource centre has officially begun with the groundbreaking ceremony. In 4 to 5 years‘ time, the Kehlen industrial estate will be home to the first collection and recycling centre in Luxembourg to comply fully with the directives of the new waste law.

In the presence of representatives from the 7 member municipalities, Luc Feller, in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained that in the medium term, the SICA site will have much more to offer than just a recycling centre.

Il est notamment prévu d’y installer un atelier de réparation pour remettre en état les appareils défectueux. Le « Resiclagebuttek » sera transformé en une grande boutique de seconde main. Et une salle de formation pédagogique sera aménagée pour accueillir les classes et faire un travail de sensibilisation.

In 2023, a total of almost 20,000 tonnes of waste and recyclable materials were recovered by SICA through collections and the recycling centre.

According to those in charge, it is also thanks to the good information and awareness-raising work carried out in the member municipalities that the amount of residual waste per inhabitant (124.75 kilos) is well below the national average of 160 kilos per inhabitant.

Customers of the recycling centre will have to be patient for a transitional period, as the number of parking spaces is limited due to the construction work.

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