National Day celebrated in Mamer

During the official festivities on the eve of National Day in Mamer, the fire brigade and the Harmonie Gemeng Mamer escorted Mayor Luc Feller, Aldermen Roger Negri and Ed Buchette and Alderwoman Francine Closener, accompanied by members of the local council, in a procession to the church, where the Te Deum was celebrated.

In his speech in the courtyard of the Mamer Schlass, Mayor Luc Feller spoke of the importance of the symbolic day of the Grand Duke’s birthday for the country’s identity.

Luxembourg’s National Day should be a day of celebration for everyone who lives and works in Luxembourg. The great diversity of the many nationalities in Luxembourg and in the Commune of Mamer would be a great strength that would benefit everyone.

In keeping with the tradition of the bank holidays, long-standing members of the Harmonie Gemeng Mamer were honoured with medals and diplomas. The town’s deserving firefighters were also mentioned by name. Since the creation of the CGDIS, these firefighters are no longer decorated at local level, but at national level.

At the following reception, guests raised a glass in honour of Grand Duke Henri, before continuing the festivities on the Place de l’Indépendance, under the Skyliner.

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