Physical activity in children at the centre of the 58ᵉ LASEP general meeting in Mamer

Alongside Mayor Luc Feller and Sports Alderman Ed Buchette, two government representatives, Education Minister Claude Meisch and Sports Minister Georges Mischo, took part in the 58ᵉ LASEP General Assembly held this year at the Kinneksbond Cultural Centre in Mamer.

All the speakers, starting with LASEP President Nicole Kuhn-Di Centa, stressed the importance of sport and physical activity for children in basic education and the important role that school sport plays in this context.

As Mayor Luc Feller and Daniel Casoli, secretary of the Mamer section, pointed out, LASEP has existed in the Commune of Mamer since 1966. To date, 174 pupils from cycles 1 to 4 are members. At a national level, some 8450 primary school pupils are enrolled in 82 LASEP sections, a new record.

On stage, a group of pupils from Mamer provided the entertainment with a beautiful and colourful performance.

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